Videos are an important part of the Visitnorway website, but it is vital to make sure they are implemented in the correct way.

Some tips when using videos:

  1. Videos can only be imported from Vimeo or youtube, and must be uploaded to one of those places before imported into the CMS.
  2. This guide shows you how to upload a video to Vimeo or YouTube.
  3. User-generated videos not open for embedding will fail, and you will be notified by the system.
  4. Embedded videos will be shown on the page in the same way as your own, as a superimposed layer on the page, instead of on the actual site.
  5. Entrances to embedded videos can thus be small or big, without impacting the size of the video itself, when playing.
  6. User-generated videos can only be imported from YouTube, not from Vimeo. Vimeo videos from third parties must be embedded with HTML code in a text box.

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