The front page


The purpose of the Visitnorway front pages is to inspire and inform in an attractive and user-friendly way. It must be carefully optimised and curated to have maximum effect and usability.

The primary goal of Visitnorway is to make it easy to choose Norway as a holiday destination.

Commercial vs editorial content

Visitnorway is an official travel portal and it´s thus important that the front page contains commercial and editorial content in a mix where the content types enrich each other. Please note that the campaign area in the first section is restricted to three entrances. Other campaign entrances can be added to the other relevant sections – make sure the commercial content is maximum 50% of the sections (apart from the campaign area and the sponsor section).

The sections

The different sections will vary, take look at current version of COM.

Top section

Content: Hero shot/video with a link to related content. Should be relevant for the season.
Purpose: To show the best wow pictures/videos of Norway.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 12.51.01

Campaign area

Content: The campaign area can have maximum three entries. Please consider showing intro texts if that add value for the user. This is to make sure the user is not met by more than three commercial articles.
Purpose: To make sure the campaigns have visibility.


 Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.36.02

Purpose: To reflect what´s happening in Norway and show modern culture
Content: News articles, new content and a relevant event or destination of the week/month, product of the week/month.


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.00.12

Top lists

Content: A mix of the most read top lists. Update according to season.
Purpose: Give top lists on relevant themes visibility as they are popular content and lead to traffic on the themes listed.

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The great outdoors and nature attractions

Content: Fjords, the northern lights, the midnight sun (when in season), hiking, biking, fishing and skiing (when in season).
Purpose: To show the highlights. Fjords and the northern lights must always be visible.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.55.54

Cities/urban, modern Norway

Content: Food, culture, cities.
Purpose: To show urban life, cultural attractions, design, food experiences etc.

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Content: Sponsored articles
Purpose: Give sponsors the visibility they have paid for.

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Plan your trip

Purpose: Give the user who plans or dream about a trip to Norway an overview in the map and relevant information.
Content examples: Mights consist of map layers with entrances to main cities and places, top attractions, most famous fjords etc. Under the map four other relevant articles on planning can be added (seasons & climate, travel tips etc.) The map should be non-commercial (campaign).


Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 12.47.32


National market adaptations

The content displayed within the different sections will vary with language versions and seasons, as priorities and campaigns differ between the markets. A web editor is expected to focus primarily on the needs of their own national market, however they can also learn a lot from their web editor colleagues.

Web Editors covering a national market are expected to share with their colleagues any successful innovations that they have produced. This is to ensure that “stuff that works” gets adapted and localised across the portal as quickly as possible.

Although looking at other language versions for inspiration and guidance is important, web editors should always try to interpret any innovations made through the “lens” of their own market.

Additional information

For related information, please consult the following pages: