Tone of voice

Tone of voice for Visitnorway is a dynamic document. It includes further information as well as examples, and can be found in Google Drive.

Tone of voice – a summary

Visit Norway’s vision is that it should be easy to choose Norway. We use the vision internally as a benchmark for all our communication:
Does this article, picture, video, headline, fact box, etc make it easier to choose Norway?

The principles behind communicating this are the following:

  • Substantial: This means reporting from where it happens, when it happens. We live in Norway and/or understand Norway. This means that our facts are updated, that we have been to the places we write about and talked to the people you will meet there.
  • Honest: We are here to sell Norway. And while we are proud of it, we will be honest about what you will meet, by showing you real examples of the great experiences Norway possess.
  • Neutral: In order to be honest and substantial we will use neutral sources and facts that supports our claims. We will always try to link and quote from established sources that travellers trust.

Our tone of voice is based around these basic concepts:

  1. Target groups: Who do we communicating with/to?
    • Explorers seek new territories and new experiences – nature, culture, society, food, traditions. They want to expand their horizon and gain new energy. Explorers tend to be well educated, are seasoned travellers, technology savvy and travel without children.  Explorers are divided into the two sub-segments Active explorers and Curious explorers
      • Active explorers seek adventures that involve being physical active – hiking, skiing, cycling and so on. The activity itself is a goal and Norway’s nature creates a unique and beautiful backdrop for the activities.
      • Curious explorers seek cultural experiences in addition to nature. They want an intellectual vacation and favour sightseeing, city travelling and round trips.
  2. Tone: Our tone should be:
    • Personal: We communicate directly and relaxed. Think like a person who talks to someone he or she knows and likes. Visit Norway is not a machine but real persons reporting from real places with real people to real readers.
    • Inviting: Remember that we want people to visit us. We are someone who care about what happens to each other. Our tone is friendly, generous and lively. We want to make people relax and feel welcomed.
    • Informal: We are who we are – for better or worse. The narration of a movie could for instance be done by the person who made the film, even if his/her English is not perfect. Perfect vocabulary and pronunciation is not necessary, as long as the language is understandable.
  3. Language: Our language should be:
    • Open: We don’t use words and jargon that normal people will not understand. We want to communicate for everybody, and you don’t need to be an expert to understand what we talk about.
    • Specific: The more specific we can be, the more convincing they will be. Think of specific examples instead of vague descriptions that really say nothing.
  4. Purpose: The purpose(s) of all of this is to be:
    • Inspiring: We will try to communicate in a way that makes you see yourself visiting us.
    • Guiding: We want to help you. Our communication should give you the information you need to make informed choices as well giving you practical information that will make your stay here in Norway easier.