Text: Panels and widgets

Text is one of the most important elements of any website, and here are the different types of text to be used on the new Visit Norway site.

All example images are clickable for full-size.


Margins are controlled by panels, and there are three different types that a text box may reside within. Any text box must reside within one of these three:

  1. One Column: Displays text across the full column width. Always use the «Controlled Width» and «Default» settings when this panel contains a text box.
  2. Two Column: Displays two columns, one of which may contain a text box (but not both – for text next to text, see below).
  3. Content Two Column: Displays two columns. Use this panel when and only when you wish to display two columns of text next to each other.



While text will display elsewhere in the form of headers, titles, descriptions and such, all running text must be in a Text Box Widget. A Text Box Widget can be inserted in any of the three panels mentioned, and here are four of the most common examples (but there are others):

text boxes