Utilizing user-generated content

There are several ways to utilize user-generated content on the Visitnorway website:

Automatic feed

These are fields and blocks where content from external sites automatically appears as and when it becomes available. Each item is not subject to editorial scrutiny and evaluation in advance, and a certain degree of checking after-the-fact will thus be necessary.

These are usually small snippets and such, which may link to larger pieces of content, or external sites, and they will as such most likely only appear in small or medium blocks on the VN-site.

Automatic feeds have a lifespan that depends on the number of feeds and elements that will appear in the same block, and even though a slideshow-like functionality may provide access to older elements, many elements will be pushed out of view relatively quickly, giving room for newer ones.

Care should be taken to make sure new elements appear in a feed at regular intervals. Old elements must not be left visible for so long as to bore the reader or indicate the page is obsolete, but neither must the updating frequency be so fast that no reader can conceivably read the entire feed.

A range of desired frequencies should be agreed upon for this type of content, depending on each subject’s statistics, prominence and importance.

Note also that feeds can be hijacked by spammers and others, and that close attention must be paid to avpoid this, and react quickly if/when it happens. Moderation prior to publication might be the best way to avoid this, provided the content’s value is sufficient to warrant the work it will require.


Embedded content are single elements that are hosted on external websites, but are shown on the Visitnorway site. These have been selected and placed manually, and will remain until either editors or the content owner remove the content or the access to it.

This content is dependent on the system’s access to the external site, but does not need to be regularly checked by editors, once approved.

Embedding is especially common for video content, and to a smaller degree images. Displaying external websites in an iframe is also a form of embedding.

Editorial excerpt

Editorial content like this will most commonly be text-based, but may also contain images and/or video in addition. Using segments or quotes from this will most often mean using snippets of text, including ingresses and titles/headlines, and linking to the entire article.

This form of use is especially practical for articles and blog-entries that are not behind a paywall. The quoted or copied content will be hosted on the same server as Visitnorway, and will be available regardless of the external server’s status.

Editorial evaluation and oversight is required when copying the content, and in case of dead links, but not regularly otherwise. The rights to quote or use the content must be firmly established, however.

Editorial copy

This will for the most part be text-based, but may also include other forms of content, like video, images, graphics or animations. The entire editorial text will most often be copied and hosted on the Visitnorway-site, though some variations may occur with regards to supportive content such as images and video, depending on rights. Rights to use the content must be firmly established, and may depend on individual agreements, contracts or licenses.

Editorial oversight is required in the selection and implementation, but usually not afterwards.

These forms of content are listed in order of increasing degree of hosting on the VN site, and increasing importance of well-established rights to use. See below for more information on rights.