Types of user-generated content

There can be any number of types of user-generated content, but these are the most common:

Blog post

Blog posts can be used in any way technically available, but will for the most part be editorial, either quoted/excerpted or copied in full, at least if it is of any length. Comment fields or blogs that consistently have shorter entries/posts are more likely to be used as feeds or embedded content, though for the most part these will also be editorial in nature, as that leaves VN editors with greater control and the opportunity to use images, video, graphics, and style better suited to VN’s layout and formatting.

Journalistic article

Strictly speaking a form of content that is teetering on the edge of what can comfortable be called user-generated content, but as the lines between bloggers and journalists are getting increasingly more blurred, this type of content should be considered user-generated as well.

Its use will be mostly as editorial content in one form or another, primarily due to the need for strict control over the content.


Video will most likely be used either as embedded content, or imported/copied into the site’s own player, depending on rights agreements, type of use desired, and if it is intended for the video library or not. Strict control is essential here, so video is not planned to be used as a feed.

Video should not be used in part, unless specifically agreed with the rights owner, as that would most likely entail editing it.


Photographs can be used in many ways, with the exact use varying depending on its source.

For instance: Photographs can be used in a feed, if sourced from social media or similar sources, such as Instagram, Flickr, 500px, and other photo-sharing sites. Many of these also offer embedding of images, which is another potential use. Which of these types will be used depends on how long the picture is intended to be visible for the readers. Images in feeds will disappear as more pictures appear in the feed, whilst embedded images will be visible until removed from the host or displaying server.

User-generated images may also be used as editorial content, in which case a firm agreement must be in place. These will remain in place until removed by a VN editor.

Infographics or illustrations

How these are used will depend on their size, content and complexity, though they will rarely be useful in the form of feeds. Embedded or editorial content seems most likely, but exact placement in each page will depend on the subject and the narrative flow and context of each page. Most likely, infographics and other illustrations will be used far more seldom than other right media, such as photographs and video.

Social media

Social media are especially suited to use in feeds, especially the most well known, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. However, there may conceivable be situations where embedding may be the best option, especially where dictated by size, complexity and quality (as feed elements disappear out of the site relatively quickly).

Social media may also be used as editorial excerpts or quotes, to complement other content, but this will be relatively rarely.