User-generated content

Purpose and focus

User-generated content is used on Visitnorway websites to give the sites credibility and make the content more friendly and relatable to its readers. It should help give the impression that this is a website, at least in part, “for people, by people”.

User-generated content focusing on activities or experiences are considered first priority. Destination-related user-generated content has a lower priority. For user-generated content that is selected by the site editors to be acceptable for use on the Visitnorway sites, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Honest: It must be perceived as honest and genuine by the reader (as defined by Innovation Norway strategy documents).
  2. User-generated: It must actually be made by a user and not a destination representative, an editor, advertiser, or other person seeking to further an agenda through using the content.
  3. Useful: It must be useful to the reader, either as information, or as entertainment, seeking to entice, entertain and convey a general mood.
  4. Positive: It must be largely positive to Norway as a destination. It does not need to be wholly positive, as long as any criticisms are constructive and well-intended.
  5. Not advertising: Content must not be used if it is made with a clear advertising agenda in mind, that may conflict with Visitnorway’s own policies or practices. It can be paid for by Visitnorway, as long as the content, arguments, editing, story, production and conclusions have not been influenced by this.
  6. Added value: It must add something to the site which it did not already have.
  7. Legal rights: Visitnorway must never publish content that it does not have the rights to publish.

Additional information:

For more detailed information on user-generated content, please consult the following pages: