Guide for writing a good product presentation on

All products must include certain search criterieas:

  • Must have coordinates
  • Must have a category
  • Must have a description
  • Must have a minimum of one image

In addition, they should have:

  • More images in a slider
  • Booking options
  • Link to related information

How to use products when building a page:

  • As a suplement of an article
  • Where relevant with regards to a theme, place, etc.
  • As a part of a top-10 presentation
  • In a «You might also like» section on a page


Rules for writing product texts on

The style of writing on Visit Norway shall project Norway’s core values (fresh, authentic, friendly, innovative, exploratory, informal, honest). The language should have an honest, inclusive tone, speaking directly to the user, while avoiding the use of words like us and we. Reusing images and texts from brochures or other material is fine, as long as the material is customized for Internet.

The title must clearly signal what the product is. The texts must be divided into short paragraphs and with evident use of inter titles, to provide a natural and orderly division of the text. Parts of this text will appear in search results pages and list pages, and therefore crucial in enticing tourists to choose to learn more about your particular product.

The content should be structured so that the most important information for tourists always come first. Describe local conditions and history with care, this has not always equal interest for those who come to visit.

Visit Norway will promote activities and products for what they are, and nothing more. No products or activities are «perfect for everyone no matter who you are.»

All product related content should be:

  • Precise and honest. Dates, opening hours, prices and selections should be updated.
  • Provide relevant information to users and describe the product and its offers in a understandable way.
  • Be relevant, giving the user insight and understanding what the product is all about.
  • Be specific in descriptions of products, activities and attractions. (Avoid descriptions such as «world’s best», «unique view», «fantastic» etc.)
  • Stick to one point in each sentence, and one topic in each paragraph.
  • Constant of meaningful and descriptive intertitles.

Use of images

Images on the website should project freshness, real / genuine, friendliness and innovative. To learn more about images on, please visit the image section of the editorial guidelines.
Product photos should clearly show what the product is and what tourists can expect when they arrive. Product images must be in a horizontal format, as portrait formats will be automatically cropped in the CMS and it is not going to look as good.

Make sure the image is reflecting sustainability and safety following Innovation Norway´s principles for sustainable tourism (link in Norwegian). Do not publish images of people who are standing out on the edge of mountains and ridges, sitting with their legs over the edge or jumping or dancing near the edge.

A good image:

  • Must communicate a clear message.
  • Is alive and real.
  • Show joy and availability.
  • Should show activity and experience.
  • Is fresh and colorful.
  • Often have people who part of the subject, but they should not be the main focus.
  • Have few distractions.

Photo credits must always accompany the images.