Checklist for publishing

Pay extra attention to this when publishing

  • Set the page to not active from the start
  • Add social widget to the Header slideshow
  • Test which style to use on the Header slideshow – Variable Height or Set Heigh (use Campaign for destination pages)
  • Add skyscraper (if the page has a full with slideshow, skyscraper must be placed below the slideshow widget)
  • Avoid line breaks unless you are making a new paragraph
  • Add text links if relevant (never link to products)
  • When adding pictures into a text box in a two column: first resize the picture in Photoshop (width 1160 px.) + edit the HTML code in the CMS and replace this bit (or equivalent): style=»width: 512px; height: 318px;» with style=“width: 100% !important;»
  • Check setting for One column with slideshow: choose Full Width
  • Check setting for One Column when it contains an Image box: Choose Collapse
  • Add read more-section: add minimum two articles, more if relevant
  • Add Recently viewed pages-container. Do NOT adjust the panel
  • Check that the Recently viewed pages-container is not inside another container
  • Check that all 3 sizes of the main image are added (header + mobile + Nav)
  • Adjust settings on Listings (category, geography, owner)
  • Add related content: videos, other articles, product lists
  • Check all fileds on the Nav Item-page

After you have published the page:

  • Make sure the folder in the structure is published too
  • Check the page “live” and on your own mobile (the Mobile- and Pad-view in the CMS is not trustworthy)
  • Make the article visible on other relevant articles, both geographically and thematic

Checklist for sustainability and safety on Visitnorway

  • Is the information on safety and sustainability integrated and communicated so it  enriches the content in a positive way?
  • Is the article/content checked against Innovation Norway´s principles for a sustainable tourism – conservation of nature, culture and the environment, strengthening social values and economic viability.
  • Has the content producer taken into consideration that the target group might lack experience, training and knowledge about Norwegian outdoor life and the landscape, climate and wildlife that will meet them in Norway?
  • Can safety / sustainability be lifted into headlines and intros?
  • Should a separate facts box be made for this particular matter?
  • Is the video / image reflecting sustainability and safety following Innovation Norway´s principles for a sustainable tourism (link in Norwegian)
  • Do not publish images of people who are standing out on the edge of mountains and ridges, sitting with their legs over the edge or jumping or dancing near the edge.
  • Is it natural to emphasize green transport choices?
  • Is it natural to give green products visibility?
  • Can products that promote «off-season» activities be added?

Important keywords on safety: weather, distance, food, season, difficulty, equipment, clothing, physical shape experience, facts boxes

Important keywords about sustainability: Considerations of nature and animals, the right of access, local food, facts boxes