Image metadata

Metadata on a picture is very important for the picture’s usefulness to the reader, as well as its visibility in Google.


An image’s filename is extremely important, and should be constructed in the following way, in order:

  • A place (For instance Geirangerfjord)
  • An activity (For instance Hiking)
  • Country (For instance Norway)
  • Picture width (For instance 740)

In addition, always follow these two rules:

  • Never use underscore (_) or space as word-divider in filenames. Use dash (-) instead.
  • Never use æøå!? or space in filenames.

Google will read dash (-) as a word divider, and will thus enable searches on every word in the filename, whereas underscore (_) will not be read at all, making the entire filename effectively one word in Google’s «eyes», which is highly unlikely to be searched for.

The example above will thus give this as the optimal filename:


Image description in Asset Library, Simpleview:

A good description should:

  • Title: must be a Norwegian name (i.e. Stavanger) that will stay the same when translated to oher languages.
  • Aternative text: not to be used until functionality for language versions is in place.
  • Credits: must credit photographer and/ or image owner.
  • Category: type of image file (Original, mobile-image, NAV-tem, etc.)
  • CMS-tag: landscape (format) or portrait (format) or square (format), depending on the image; as well as other relevant tags such as activity, location, region, etc.
  • Internal Notes: Insert notes relevant to the image.  Must include locale tag for the page where image is used, to make it easier to search and find the image. Locale tag must be in the following format in internal notes, including parentheses: (Locale tag: /plan-your-trip/getting-here/).
  • Coordinates: whenever possible, images should always include coordinates
  • Content owner: mandatory field used to describe how the picture can be used once it is uploaded into Asset Library.
    • Innovation Norway private: to be used when an image is restricted to be used in one article, page, etc.
    • Innovation Norway public: to be used when an image is owned by Innovation Norway and free to be used all over the site.
    • Destinations: to be used by premium partners on their destination pages.

Also, keep in mind that images may be re-used in other contexts later.