Destination pages

This page is intended as a guide and help to remembering the most important points in making a successful destination page. It should be read before and during the production of such a page, but it is by no means the sole source of useful information about this.

Purpose of a destination page

The page should provide a true and valuable description of the destination,  as well as give tourists a reason to visit the destination. It is important to be specific, letting the user know what is special with regards to this specific destination. Not everything can be mentioned, so it is important to prioritize activities, attractions, etc.

If some activities / cultural experiences needs more text, child-pages can be added to the destination page, like: Things to do in Bergen, where to stay in Bergen, etc. 

Suggested content for a destination page:

  • Things to do: Give a brief overview of main attractions (culture/nature/ activities).
  • Where to stay: Give a brief overview of places to stay (hotels, motels, camping, etc).
  • Restaurants and nightlife: Give a brief overview of restaurants and nightlife in the area.
  • Getting here and around: Brief overview of how to get there, public transportation, and other relevant travel information. Link to relevant transportation agencies.
  • Other offers: A listing of other relevant offers in the area. Can be sorted by category, Tripadvisor ratings, etc.

For example: See what the destination page for Bergen looks like. The main image for Things to do and Where to stay are clickable entrances to new pages with more details on the topics.  For food and drinks, they have presented a list og restaurants with clickable entrances to the different restaurants. The same goes for transportation agencies and other offers in the Bergen area.
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Additional information

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