Sponsored article

Companies that buy sponsored articles provide their own text and images, based on Visitnorway editorial guidelines. These articles should always be marked as a sponsor article by adding a sponsor tag. The tag will be visible on the header image and in all previews, as shown in the example below.

Sponsored article marked with sponsor tag

The companies are asked to provide text, logo and images. They can also free to add videos, if desired.


Text should be provided in the languages specified in the agreement with Visitnorway.

The text must consist of:

  • Article title(s)
    H2 is not required for sponsored articles, but the companies are encouraged to provide both H1 and H2.
  • Intro text: Maximum 150 characters  including space and full stop
  • Article text: Maximum 350 words. The text should be divided into paragraphs with sub-headers

The editorial team does quality assurance and necessary adaptations to Visitnorway’s standard before publishing.


The companies are asked to provide logo and the url that should be added to the logo when publishing the page.


Main header image and article pictures are required, including credits and location.

  • The main header image should be in landscape format and minimum 2000 pixels wide.
  • Article pictures should be square and mimum 1200 pixels wide.

The editors make a selection and do necessary picture editing. Images that don’t match Visitnorway’s profile and quality standards will not be used and the company will be asked to provide new images.


Companies are free to add videos to their sponsored articles, as long as it’s available from a YouTube or Vimeo account.