Checklist for sustainability and safety on Visitnorway

  1. Is information about safety and sustainability integrated and communicated in a way so that it enriches the contents in a positive way?
  2. Is the article checked against the principles of sustainable tourism (only in Norwegian) – conservation of nature, culture and the environment, improvement of social values, and economic viability?
  3. Does the article cater to an audience that lacks experience, training and knowledge of Norwegian outdoor life and the landscape, climate and wildlife that will meet them?
  4. Should safety/sustainability be present in intro text and headers?
  5. Should it be created a new fact box for this particular article?
  6. Do the videos and images comply with safety/sustainability considerations?
  7. Is it appropriate to emphasize green transportation choices?
  8. Is it appropriate to highlight green products?
  9. Is it appropriate to add products that promote the “off-season”?

Important safety keywords:

  • weather
  • conditions
  • distance
  • provisions
  • season
  • difficulty
  • equipment
  • clothing
  • physical shape
  • experience
  • fact boxes

Important sustainability keywords:

  • respect for nature and animals
  • The right of access and its responsibilities
  • local food
  • viable communities
  • fact boxes