The articles on regions should provide good reasons to write about the different regions thus presenting the area in an interesting and credible way, highlighting the region’s unique selling points. Please keep in mind it is important to pinpoint story angles journalists can use as selling points to their own editors. Give journalists enough background information to enable them to decide which region they should visit if they do not come to Norway because of a topic.

Include an overview of typical activities, popular accommodation and what kind of urban/rural area they can expect in this part of Norway. Journalists need more details about the destinations and facts than tourists, as well as easier access to content summaries.

Please cover the following when producing destination articles (see “writer´s guide”):

  • Destination highlights
  • Story angles
  • Places to visit and attractions
  • Accommodation suggestions
  • How to get there
  • Useful websites
  • Did you know? (for instance statistics, fun facts or quirky details)