Media & Press Front Page

The front page of the media & press pages must offer journalists credible and comprehensive information.  All content on the pages must be prioritised and have a goal. It is important not to confuse journalists by offering too many choices.

The media pages must signal that Innovation Norway prioritises topics in a relevant and credible way for journalists.

The front page should give journalists easy access to the information they need, offering them a good overview already on the front page. This requires an extended use of lists and the presentation of reviews (from external sources) and press releases/short clips of news about tourism in Norway. In the future the content should be filtered, to make it easy for journalists to find content based on topics, seasons and geography. To ensure the pages are perceived as a credible source of relevant information, it is essential that:

  • The press contacts must search for and add new information to the pages monthly.
  • The content must include feature stories, not just press releases.
  • Focus on quality instead of frequency. Update cycle should be in line with the expectations that users visit the pages four times a year.
  • Press contacts must use their networks and experience to inform the editor of the press pages about current topics that would fit in the lists.
  • Look out for relevant content from Visitnorway’s tourist pages.
  • Use the knowledge in the organisation.