Media & Press

The overall goal for the media pages on Visitnorway is to offer journalists a media site with relevant, inspiring and easily accessible information providing them with the content they need to write about and/or travel to Norway. The site is also an important research tool to help journalists find information on Norway as a travel destination before they go.

The pages should provide journalists with both inspiration and facts.

All the content produced must contribute to convince journalists that this is a valid source of information that will increase or confirm their credibility as journalists if used.

Where tourists need an exploratory approach to content, journalists appreciate a more structured presentation with easily accessible information. This means that the content and scope are kept as simple as possible, and there should always be a strong focus on providing journalists with enough and appropriate information to enable them to prepare for their visits. Various types of content are easily accessible and the site offers an overview of what journalists need when writing about Norway or travelling to Norway on assignment. So while Visitnorway’s tourist pages aim to stimulate by discovery, the media pages are more structured, ensuring the solution is perceived more as a tool for the journalist-user.