Writing articles – Workflow and structure

Structuring the article

An article consists of certain parts that have their own functions and purposes:

  • Headline
  • Intro text
  • Body text, consisting of several:
    1. Section titles
    2. Paragraphs


You should have a rough structure of the text in mind before you start writing.

The text will most likely change as you write it, but a preliminary structure will help you order your thoughts and remember the essential points as you write.

It is usually a good idea to start with the body text and write the headline and intro text later, when you have a better idea of what the article is like.

Structuring the text

Unless you have other important constraints on the structure of your text, try to imagine an upside-down pyramid and structure the article similarly, with the most important point first (often the conclusion) and then follow up with less and less essential points. Briefly summed up:

  1. Top: Main point and conclusion
  2. Middle: Embellishment and details
  3. Bottom: Background information and related content


Booking widgets

As a rule, all articles should have a booking-widget at the bottom. This is inserted as follows:

  1. Go to the bottom of the article. Make a new empty line below the last paragraph, if there isn’t one already.
  2. Click the button for inserting a dynamic element:
  3. From the drop down meny labeled «Type» under «Dynamic Content», select «Displays HTML element»:

  4. Click the button labeled «…» under «Settings»:
  5. In the search field, search for the ID-number of the appropriate HTML element:
    • For generic articles: ID: 11285
    • For articles predominantly about transportation: ID: 11287
    • For articles predominantly about accommodation: ID: 11286
  6. Click the «select»-button, and then OK.

Almost all articles should have a booking widget, as long as the widget does not come into conflict with the article’s purpose. A sponsored article where a hotel chain has their own booking widget, for instance, should not have a booking widget like this inserted.