We should not use (meaningless) adjectives in a large scale. We need to communicate with our users by telling them what attractions and activities are actually like, not just that they are “great”.

Following the examples of The New York Times, LA Times and other online media headlines, all words in an article’s title (except some little words like «of», «for», «with», …) have to start with an uppercase letter (capital letters), that is how headlines are written in US, most likely to grab readers’ attention. This is also how headlines are written according to the AP (Associated Press) Stylebook.


  • In the US version dates should always have the month first, like this: May 1 (or 1st) 2014
  • All distances in US metrics (miles, square miles and feet)
  • Temperatures in Fahrenheit degrees
  • Liter, center, fiber, theater (not litre, centre, fibre, theatre)
  • Color, flavor, honor, labor (not colour, flavour, honour, labour)
  • Traveled, traveling, traveler (not travelled, travelling, traveller)
  • Fall (not autumn)
  • Organized, Organization (not organised, organisation)
  • n. License, defense (not licence, defence)
  • Vacation (not holiday)

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Visitnorway story and campaign pages all have share functions to and Digg. Those two should be removed on all pages, not major networks here. For the US market it would be more relevant to add G+ and Pinterest to share functions throughout, in addition to email, Facebook and Twitter.