Writing articles – Headline and intro texts


Take care to write a good headline. It is one of the most important parts of an article, so take the time and effort to do it right.

A good headline:

  • Must be informative and relatively short
  • Must be able to function on its own. (It will often be used elsewhere without the context of the article to support it)
  • Must consist of complete sentences
  • Should start with a verb
  • Should contain a geographical name (and/or an important keyword)

Some examples:

Good… Not so good…
Arctic Norway is the Kingdom of Light Light in Northern Norway
Get your adrenaline pumping More on extreme sports
Memorable places to stay Accommodation
Sign up for your winter adventure in Norway Winter in Norway

Intro text

Intro texts are also very important, and like headlines should receive the time and attention needed to get them right. Revisit the intro texts just before you publish the finished article to see if it is still optimal.

A good intro text:

  • Should sum up the article’s content and conclusion
  • Should NOT give away too much
  • Main function is to make the reader interested enough to read the entire article
  • Must be shorter than 150 characters
  • Must be able to work with its headline and/or main picture on its own
  • Must not overlap or repeat the headline, either in words or meaning
  • Should contain or refer to an action
  • Should contain an important keyword