Writing articles – Before you begin

Before you start writing for Visitnorway, you should familiarise yourself with the house style and the editorial guidelines.

You should have a clear picture of your audience. Visitnorway has defined three different core audiences:

  • Ready to travel: People who are going travelling but are unsure where to and must be convinced to go to Norway.
  • Ready for Norway: People who are travelling to Norway but are unsure where and what to do there and need information and suggestions.
  • Friends of Norway: People who know Norway, have been there before, and are going again and need information about new places to go and new things to do.

Consequently, the purpose of Visitnorway is to 1) convince, 2) entice and 3) inform the reader.

Keep in mind that what you want to write may not be what the reader wants to read, in which case you should probably do further research and change the topic or angle of the article.

The text should primarily be of value to the reader – value to Visitnorway is secondary. Imagine you are the reader and ask yourself:

  1. What does this text mean to me?
  2. How does it help me?
  3. How can I use this?

Make sure your research is accurate and up to date. Check if you are unsure of the facts, and if your knowledge might be out of date.

Your greatest asset as a writer is your credibility.
Make sure you have done the required research and that what you write is correct. Feel free to present it to the reader in a simpler format than your source did, but avoid half-truths. It your reader does not trust what you write, it does not matter how easy it is to read and understand.

Before you start, try to form a clear picture of the major constituents, i.e. answer the questions of who, what, where, when, why and how.