Video guidelines

Please note that there is no difference between Mac and PC regarding file formats or types with regard to video submissions for Visitnorway.

Also, keep in mind that all videos submitted to Visitnorway may be republished through social media channels, which includes but may not be limited to the following:

New York University’s educational psychologist Jerome Bruner often cites studies that show people remember 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read, yet nearly 80% of what they see and do. If you want to make a great first impression on potential clients, be sure to include quality imagery and video content for your website.


In order to publish a video on Visitnorway, two versions of the same video are needed: One with logo, and one without logo. This is due to how logos are displayed on the site, and on various other sites:

On Visitnorway websites
Here, no logo is required, as the logo is adequately displayed on the site:


Thus, if the logo is included in the video file, it is displayed twice, which does not look good:


On social media sites
On sites such as YouTube, shown here as an example, the video is the only sufficiently clear display of who the publisher is:


If the logo is not included in the video here, the publisher is not sufficiently clear. The «uploaded by»-field is not legible enough:



Videos must always be submitted in as high a quality as possible, ideally in FullHD (1920 x 1080). If FullHD or better is not available, please use the highest quality video file available. From high quality videos, lower quality video files will be created for various uses on the site:

  • Front page video: 986 pixles wide (free height, but usually 555 pixles)
  • Article page video: 740 pixles wide (free height, but usually 416 pixles)

File formats

Most file formats are acceptable, but for visitnorway use, mp4 (MPEG-4) is usually the most convenient.

Video stills

Still images will be extracted from video files for use as placeholders, thumbnails and fallback images. This is another reason why high quality video files are preferred. These still images will be credited the same way as the video itself.

Dynamic streaming

A video’s file size does not necessarily affect how the video actually displays for the reader. A very large file does not mean end users will experience the video as laggy, for instance, as visitnorway uses dynamic streaming: The effect is that the video streamed from and displayed on visitnorway is adapted to the available bandwidth for each end user. This ensures that videos have the greatest reach possible in terms of available audience, for all platforms, connections and devices.

This downsampling is why it important to have a high-quality video available, and videos should be submitted in the highest quality possible. Videos are only upsampled in rare cases, if a higher quality file is not available for a particular video.

Additional information

Visitnorway strives to give end users the most possible relevant information about places and activities featured in each video. This enables end users to find out more information on visitnorway.

When submitting a video, make sure you have watched through it and identified areas of interest to the user, which you can provide more information about.

For instance, consider the geography of the video: Is the main location identified, if there is one? Is there a fjord, a mountain peak or anything else which the reader may conceivably want to know more about? If not, maybe an activity, a concept or other topic the reader can be directed towards?

Here is how such information will be displayed on visitnorway:


…and on YouTube:



Visitnorway will always credit videos and images if requested. Please make sure the desired credits are submitted along with the video file(s).


On visitnorway, credits will be shown here, beneath READ MORE about the image/video…


…and here, as alt-text with mouseover.


On YouTube and other social media sites, the credits will be added to the info field available, as shown above.

File transfer

Video files tend to be large and so are not suited for transfer as an attachment in an email. A number of other solutions are more practical:

Use any available FTP-client, such as Filezilla or Cyberduck, both of which can be downloaded and used for free. Login using these credentials, and upload the file(s) to the visitnorway site. Remember to alert your contact and let him/her know where you placed the video file.

LOGIN: dropbox
PASSWORD: MakingWaves!

You can download the video guidelines as an interactive PDF here:

Download the Visitnorway video user manual here