Representing Visitnorway elsewhere

On this page you will find guidelines and rules for representing Visitnorway elsewhere, such as on other websites, forums, and social media.

TripAdvisor forums

When answering questions on behalf of Visitnorway in the TripAdvisor forums, these guidelines must be strictly followed:

  1. Stay on topic: Do not answer questions that are not clearly related to the subject(s) raised in the original post.
  2. Stay relevant: Do not introduce other information than what is relevant to the original topic/subject/question(s).
  3. Be useful: Do not reply unless the answer is useful to the reader. If it is only useful to yourself, do not reply.
  4. Do not link too much: Don’t include more links than absolutely necessary.
  5. Do not provide suggestions unless the original poster asks for it. If somebody else asks, ask him/her to make a separate thread for that purpose.
  6. Do not post if you are not sure if you have anything useful to add.
  7. Forums are not advertising space: Be as neutral as you can, while remaining personal and friendly.
  8. Remember that you are representing Visitnorway: Use «we» and «our» etc to refer to content on Visitnorway but «I» and «my» etc if necessary to build a rapport, or if something can’t be expressed as Visitnorway’s opinion. In general, try to avoid expressing your own opinion explicitly.
  9. Be factual and descriptive: Avoid flowery language and «marketingspeak».
    Say for instance «Try to get a chance to see the northern lights» rather than «Don’t miss the magical lights dancing across the sky»
  10. Be human: It is okay to say you don’t know, but will look it up or ask an expert and get back to the question later.
  11. Never comment on moderation: If you are moderated (post removed or edited by a forum moderator), never comment on that in public, but feel free to contact the moderator via private message and ask what was wrong or could be done better.

Do not reply if:

  • The question is already fully answered.
  • The answer you can provide is not clearly of use to the reader.
  • The reply can not be written clearly and in a friendly and factual tone.
  • You are in doubt whether or not you should post.
  • You are unsure of your facts: Ask somebody else who might know, or simply do not post.

In addition, TripAdvisor’s own guidelines must be followed: