Picture guidelines – Slideshows in articles


These guidelines are primarily for slideshows in articles and/or storypages.
For guidelines for front page slideshows, go to this page.

Use best image quality available

Best quality available is the main principle to follow when choosing pictures. The pictures used in the slideshow are especially important when it comes to inspiring the users and showing the very best of what Norway can offer.

Always consider a slideshow as an opportunity to tell a longer and more involving story than a single picture. Think beginning, end and middle, and vary the pictures to allow the story to flow properly. Avoid using pictures that overlap in style or content.

Image pool

There is a pool of images to choose from, and you may contact the editor-in-chief or portal manager if you need new pictures added to the pool.

General considerations

  • Maximum 24 pictures
  • Minimum 4 pictures
  • Best practice: 8-12 pictures
  • Pictures, subject, theme and style will depend on what type of article the slideshow is for, and what its subject is, as well as whether it is editorial or commercial in nature.

Setting up

The various text snippets in a slideshow come from a variety of places, and it is important to be aware of this in order to put together the slideshow you think is the best.


There are several important differences in setting up slideshows for articles/storypages and the front page. Please refer to Guidelines for front page slideshow if you are setting up the latter.


In the slide above, there are five text fields, labelled as follows:

  • A: Title
  • B: Photo credits
  • C: Intro text
  • D: Link for more information (context or geographical location)
  • E: Image caption

The contents of these fields are collected from various other places:

Title and intro text (A and C) are from the slide’s page in Episerver, as is the link text (D) and link URL, as shown below:



The caption (E) and photo credit (B) are both from the image in ImageVault: