Visual layout

The front page is in many cases the reader’s first and most important encounter with the Visitnorway material, and as such it must be carefully optimised and considered to have maximum effect and usability.

First line of previews

The first line of previews, immediately below the front page slideshow, must consist of one large preview, one small preview, and one list, like this:


This is also the preferred order, but small preview and list may trade places if needed.

Pictures and video

Pictures and video must be first-rate to warrant placement on the front page, especially in slideshows. They must also conform to Visitnorway’s core themes and be composed in such a way as to fit the design optimally.

Please see these pages for additional information:

Logical content groups

Content should be grouped by theme on the front page, so the reader instinctively knows where to find related content. Such groups may to an extent be moved around the page over time, but core activuities/themes and important campaigns and/or sponsored content should always be found as high up as possible.

Please see the guidelines for commercial content for more information on this.

Visual hierarchy

When managing the content, remember the visual hierarchy;

For example, when making a section on hiking which contains a big preview, small previews and an article list, it’s important that the article in the big preview covers broader content than the small previews, alternatively that the big preview is a film, panorama pictures or similar, setting it aside from the smaller previews and lists.

Best practice

If the heading is “Highlights of Northern Norway”, the Northern lights should be edited in the big preview, while the Northern Norway story page should be edited in the small preview. If the main title is “This is Northern Norway”, the Northern Norway story page should be edited in the big preview.