Front Page

These guidelines are intended to help editors, destinations and market managers of the different Visitnorway websites gain knowledge of how to structure and use the Vistnorway front pages to the best possible effect.

Purpose and goals

The purpose of the Visitnorway front pages is to inspire and to inform by presenting bookable products in an attractive and user-friendly way.

The primary goal of Visitnorway is to make it easy to choose Norway as a holiday destination.

Structure and layout

First line of previews
The first line of previews, immediately below the front page slideshow, must consist of one large preview, one small preview, and one list, like this:


This is also the preferred order, but small preview and list may trade places if needed.

Visual hierarchy
When managing front page layout and structure, please keep in mind the visual hierarchy;

For example, when making a section on hiking which contains a big preview, small previews and an article list, it’s important that the article in the big preview covers broader content than the small previews, alternatively that the big preview is a film, panorama pictures or similar, setting it aside from the smaller previews and lists.

Best practice
If the heading is “Highlights of Northern Norway”, the Northern lights should be edited in the big preview, while the Northern Norway story page should be edited in the small preview. If the main title is “This is Northern Norway”, the Northern Norway story page should be edited in the big preview.

Front page slideshow

The front page slideshow is designed to have a high impact on the front page and “wow” the readers. It features pictures and videos representing the very best Norway can offer. Images chosen can be a mix of very high quality editorial content and commercial content if commercial content is available from partners.

Front page slideshows are governed by their own set of guidelines:

Go to the guidelines for the front page slideshow

Commercial content on the front page

Commercial content may be used on the front page, depending on where, what and how much. There are some differences in guidelines for the various pages and versions of the Visitnorway websites, so please see the separate guidelines for commercial content for more information:

Go to the guidelines for commercial content on the front page

National market adaptations

The content displayed on the different front pages will vary with language versions and seasons, as priorities and campaigns differ between the markets. A web editor is expected to focus primarily on the needs of their own national market, however they can also learn a lot from their web editor colleagues.

Web Editors covering a national market are expected to share with their colleagues any successful innovations that they have produced. This is to ensure that “stuff that works” gets adapted and localized across the portal as quickly as possible.

Although looking at other language versions for inspiration and guidance is important, web editors should always try to interpret any innovations made through the “lens” of their own market.