Editorial guidelines for Visitnorway

These editorial guidelines are essential reading for Visitnorway’s web editors and other contributors to the site.

These guidelines provide an overview of how to handle the most common forms of text, images and video that appear in the portal. By creating a more consistent style across the different language versions of the portal we can build a better experience for people using the portal to plan their visit to Norway.

The guidelines are constantly being developed, so we suggest you check them regularly for updates and changes.


These guidelines are designed and written to make sure new contributors to the site can easily learn the basics of doing so, and to be of assistance to already established editors and contributors as a source of information.

Use them well and the content you create will be found, read and shared by users of Visitnorway.


You can navigate the site using the menu to the right or the menu on top of the page, whichever you prefer.

The guidelines are structured according to theme, but keep in mind that some topics are relevant to several areas and tasks. Therefore it is suggested that you surf around the site and read all the information available to you. Some things found here may be relevant only to a few people, but all pages are available to everyone.

Suggestions and questions

Questions and suggestions are of course welcome. To ensure the promptest possible reply, please send your questions or issues to the correct address on this list of contacts.